Culinary Delights

Khargone Culinary Delights
Type:   Main Course

Dal bati is the main dish of this region. In rural areas, this dish is prepared every third or fourth…

Jawar Amadi khandwa
Khandwa Culinary Delights
Type:   Main Course

Jowar ki roti and amadi ki bhaji (Sorghum chapati with spicy curry of  Roselle plant leaves) is an old Culinary…

Indore Poha jalebi
Indore Culinary Delight
Type:   Snacks

Over the years the city of Indore has welcomed people from all castes, creed,color; People from all corners of the…

Burhanpur Daraaba
Burhanpur Culinary Delight
Type:   Desserts

Daraaba The origin of the name Daraba has several theories. Some say that it was served in the Mughal court…

Barwani Culinary Deligh
Barwani Culinary Delight
Type:   Main Course

Dalabi (Daal-Batti) is preferred in Rajasthan, the same is preferred in the name of Dal Bafla in Indore-Nimar region. It…

Alirajpur Dalpaniye
Alirajpur Culinary Delight
Type:   Main Course,Snacks

Daal paniye is a traditional meal of Alirajpur region which is preferred in both urban and rural areas. It is…